HMRC publishes Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 to 2018

Press Releases   •   Jul 12, 2018 14:45 BST

Three arrests in fuel fraud raids

Press Releases   •   Sep 18, 2018 15:28 BST

Three men have been arrested and a fuel laundering plant dismantled as part of an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) investigation into a suspected multi-million pound fuel fraud.

Recruitment agency director jailed for £470k VAT fraud

Press Releases   •   Sep 17, 2018 10:56 BST

A Wakefield man, who stole more than £470,000 VAT and spent it on houses and a luxury holiday home, has been jailed for 27 months.

Savers to earn 50p for every £1 thanks to new Government backed saving plan

Press Releases   •   Sep 12, 2018 00:01 BST

Hardworking people on low incomes are set to benefit from a new Government savings account that offers a 50% bonus. Help to Save will reward savers with an extra 50p for every £1 saved, meaning over 4 years a maximum saving of £2,400 would result in an overall bonus of £1,200.

Tax dodging company boss jailed

Press Releases   •   Sep 07, 2018 16:35 BST

A company boss, who bought a house with money from a £175,000 tax fraud, has been jailed.

Cigarette smugglers in hot water

Press Releases   •   Sep 07, 2018 11:23 BST

Two men, including a convicted gang leader, who were caught smuggling more than 400,000 illicit cigarettes into the UK hidden inside electric boilers, have been jailed for a total of four and a half years.

Cigarette smuggling trio jailed

Press Releases   •   Aug 22, 2018 15:44 BST

Three men have been jailed after they were caught with more than 1.5 million illegal cigarettes disguised as road surfacing material at a South Shields warehouse.

Ringleader of tobacco smuggling gang behind bars

Press Releases   •   Aug 17, 2018 16:20 BST

A Leicester ringleader of an 11-strong tobacco smuggling gang that attempted to flood the UK streets with millions of illicit cigarettes, and evade more than £1 million in unpaid duty, has been jailed.

Fishy tale of cigarettes smuggled to UK hidden in aquarium pumps

Press Releases   •   Aug 17, 2018 11:35 BST

Two men and a woman, who smuggled cigarettes into the UK hidden among fish pumps, have received sentences totalling more than 10 years in jail after an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

£6.9m payroll fraud ringleader jailed for nine-and-a-half years

Press Releases   •   Aug 16, 2018 13:45 BST

A globe-trotting tax consultant who fled the UK before he could be arrested for masterminding a conspiracy to steal £6.9 million from construction workers’ pay packets is finally behind bars.

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